Never The Same Day Twice

Friday, July 07, 2006

Grateful Friday

See that little boy up there? That image should suffice for my Grateful Friday list.

He is the one right thing I've done in my life.

I just wish I could be consistent and do right by him. Why do I get so impatient?

Anyway, that's not a Grateful Friday list. Here's my list:

1. That I have this sweet little boy in my life everyday
2. That I get to wake up and look into those deep brown innocent eyes
3. the beautiful sunny day we had today with no humidity
4. the soft rolling waves as the tide moved in at the beach this evening
5. the pink in the clouds as the sun set
6. peach shakes
7. my mom and aunt arriving safely in Atlanta this morning
8. the consistency of my job
9. finding a hotel room in PA for next weekend---when the first two places I called were all booked
10. that I kept my integrity intact today when DH was being annoying and trying to get me mad; I was mad but I stayed in control


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