Never The Same Day Twice

Friday, July 07, 2006

..................Friday, 7/7/06

10 Favorites

Favorite season~ autumn
Favorite color~ pink
Favorite time~ very late at night when everyone is sleeping, although I do like daybreak a lot too
Favorite food~ pastina with butter: comfort food
Favorite drink~ hot orange pekoe tea with 2 TB sugar and a tiny tiny drop of milk
Favorite ice cream~ peach
Favorite place~ any beach
Favorite sport~ basketball, but I also like to watch rowing
Favorite actor~ Hugh Grant, Robert Redford
Favorite actress~ Elizabeth Perkins, Meryl Streep

9 Currents

Current feeling~ tired with a headache and my shoulders hurt
Current drink~ a peach shake from Bennigans
Current time~ 10:16 p.m. EST
Current show on TV~ nothing; I'm relishing the QUIET
Current mobile used~ Cingular
Current windows open~ my work connection
Current underwear~ microfiber briefs from Costco
Current clothes~ cropped denims and a white embroidered tank top
Curent thought~ I have to go finish putting the stuff on my bed away so I can sleep (I took everything out of my closet)

8 Firsts

First nickname~ Lulu
First kiss~ this Brazilian guy, I can't remember his name, but he freaked me out because he french-kissed me and I wasn't expecting that---I was OLD (don't be scandalized) in my 20's... and was NOT prepared
First crush~ 5th grade- John Fusaro---he was a redhead! He dressed up as a spy for Halloween and this was the year "The Spy Who Loved Me" was on the radio!!
First best friend~ Barbara---we were friends from 2nd to 7th grade, then there was a falling out I never quite understood. I need to find her someday and find out what really happened.
First vehicle I drove~ my parents' long black 70s stationwagon
First job~ babysitting but then also my job at the hospital picking up menus from pt rooms
First date~ 18 years old with this guy from college named Rob, blonde, he drove a big black Lincoln Continental---I was terrified of him! Not initially, but that night I was... There was no kiss!
I did go to the Senior Prom the year before but that doesn't count as a date because I took my friend Tony who was 2 years younger than me and practically like a brother (though I was in love with him for a while..)
First pet~ Fluffy---though I think we did have a cat before her when I was littler; I don't remember her name...

7 Lasts

Last drink~ the peach shake that I'm still drinking
Last kiss~ too long to remember--how pitiful, probably a year ago March or so---remember, I'm separated so..
Last meal~ Bennigans with my little guy---smothered chicken, baked potato and broccoli
Last website visited~ Bohemian Girl's and then her big sister's new one
Last movie watched~ Fever Pitch
Last phone call~ My sister at 9:20 returning my earlier call
Last TV Show watched~one of those HGTV shows---House Hunters or something like that

6 Have you evers

Have you ever broken the law~ yes, but only by running a red light when I was 17 outside the Dairy Queen---a very tricky intersection
Have you ever been drunk~ barely. One drink gets me tipsy.
Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know~ never
Have you ever been close to gun fire~ no
Have you ever skinny dipped~ no
Have you ever broken anyones heart~ no, but mine has been.

5 Things

5 things you can hear right now~ central air, refrigerator humming, my fingers typing on the keyboard, little guy snoring in his room, me breathing (I'm a mouth breather)
5 things on your bed~ Right now? ALL THE CLOTHES FROM MY CLOSET, nicely folded---normally, sheet, thermal blanket, Pottery Barn quilt
5 things you ate today~ blueberries, strawberries, scrambled eggs, chicken, cheese stick
5 things you can't live without~ my son, my house, my books, my mom, my God
5 things you do when you get bored~ read blogs, shuffle thru my idea file, channel surf, stare into space, cry

4 places you have been today

front yard
Toys R Us

3 things on your desk right now

I work at the dining room table: placemats on which sits my laptop, cordless phone, tissues

2 Choices

Black or White~ black
Hot or Cold~ hot

1 place you want to visit

Santa Fe, New Mexico


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