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Friday, June 02, 2006

.....................................Friday 6/2/06

JUNE!!! It is June!!!

We have been away this week. In ORLANDO, FLORIDA. And we had fun...

It was a business trip (for me). But every day we were there, we were able to head out to one of the Disney parks and spend a few hours walking around. BOY, did we walk.

My little guy, who is 3, seemed to really enjoy himself. People keep telling me he won't remember this trip, which is kind of sad and I'm not believing it, even though it might be true.

You should have seen his face when we were headed on the ferryboat across the lagoon to the Magic Kingdom... It was sheer joy! So adorable!

Disneyworld is kind of surreal. Far too many people----sweaty people, cranky children, high-priced beverages, too many things to B-U-Y... But we were good. We hardly bought anything at all. I did get him a t-shirt. A magnet. And I saved the Mickey Mouse soap and little shampoo bottle from the hotel :-)

There are three pics of me and the little guy with Mickey Mouse available on line to view with this thing called PhotPass... You know how you see those photos sometimes of people and they're wearing a light colored bra under a dark colored shirt, and it shows in the pics? Well, in my case it was beige under burgundy. DUH.


Jesus. Now who wants to share THOSE pics????

I wonder if my sister can Photoshop the obvious bra-lines... SCARY.

Tonight during our night prayers, we thanked God for our two safe airplane trips. I am so afraid to fly, but not so afraid that I don't do it. It is the take-off that totally freaks me out... to tears, actually...

We flew JetBlue which is the way to go if you have kids with you. The little TV's (one per person) are THE BOMB. I think my little guy thinks he's sitting on the couch watching his shows, when in fact he is sitting in a chair at 39000 feet watching his shows!!

I had my VERY FIRST comment posted to this blog while I was away! HOW COOL IS THAT???

And while I was away, there was a post on the SuperHero blog that Andrea is 3 months pregnant!!! I am so excited for her!!! I had emailed her directly when she had written about her infertility journey and we had gone back and forth a few times talking about that whole thing----so it is so wonderfully gratifying to hear that she is in fact pregnant.


  • At June 06, 2006 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    glad to have you in on the cd project!

  • At June 07, 2006 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    drop by the pink sky productions blog and drop me an email...i will give you my address that way.

  • At June 07, 2006 9:00 PM, Blogger Bohemian Girl said…

    sounds like a wonderful trip!

    i know...i am thrilled for andrea. she is a friend of mine and i was crazy~happy when she told me. everyone is saying it is my turn now. *grin* keep your digits crossed.

    thank you for your amazing comment on my blog. you rock...

    looking forward to Pink Sky's CD and your choice of a tune.



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