Never The Same Day Twice

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I saw these lyrics on another blog (Jen Gray's) and I resonated with them so much... I had to copy them here so that I could remember them. I think James Taylor was writing for me...

Like everyone she knows, she's holding out for true love, waiting on an answer
ready for change; And everywhere she goes, she's just a little bit on the lookout...
A day might mean tomorrow, questions still remain.
It's not that she's so sad, she always was a happy soul.
But lately she gets to wonder to herself, what's the good of going on anymore?

I see her in her room, sitting at the window, wondering if she's pretty, feeling just a little small tonight...

Hold tight to your heart's desire, never ever let it go. Let nobody fool you into giving it up too soon. Tend to your fire, lay low and be strong. Wait it out, wait it out, wait it on out. Wait it out, let it come along, oh, wait awhile, wait awhile... JT

I especially like the "tend to your fire, lay low and be strong" line... Why do I make it oh so very hard for myself? I know what to do...


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