Never The Same Day Twice

Friday, January 27, 2006

We reach another weekend. I am tired. Today I managed to do alot of work. I added several new charges, did 3 reports (one of them huge) for the VP of Marketing, and purged 35,398 accts with no financial activity. That last task, though easy, will have a major effect on the system and the reports we've been running. Now to keep it well-maintained... 35,000+ is an obscene amount to have to purge at one time. I'm almost embarassed there were so many.

Food today, embarrassing:

2 mini waffles
Egg McMuffin
Swiss Miss hot chocolate
2 mini bags of Welch's fruit punch fruit snacks
2 hotdogs in buns
small portion of french fries (made in the oven)
small portion of broccoli



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