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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's too bad I forgot about this blog, ha ha! It's 3.5 months since---I don't even remember creating it. Anyhoo, it is 2006!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I'm still wanting to make this a good year---want to go into my 4th decade with some semblance of peace and balance.

As far as sleep, whoa boy. I fluctuate--some days I go to bed at a fairly reasonable hour (say, 11), some days I pass out as soon as my son does and sleep like a log til 3 a.m., and then some days I actually stay up til 2 or 3 a.m...

To start off the new year, I scheduled all my health appointments. I had a physical already (last week). Gynecologist today. Next Wednesday is my dentist (long overdue). I need to schedule with the dermatologist (whom I saw in November) for a biopsy on the mole on my chest. And I need to schedule an appt with a neurologist, as my doc did a workup on me because of my knee pain and she said I showed a positive on the rheumatoid. A small positive, she says it could even be a false-positive. But better to be safe than sorry, same with the mole biopsy. So those two things hang over my head...

The other thing I have started to do is schedule lunch 'dates' with people at work. I have come to realize that I have isolated myself far, far too much all last year, once I started not going in 2 days a week and only 1. I thought that was my way of self-nurturing, giving myself space. But now I see that all I was really doing, after a few months of giving myself 'space' , was marginalizing myself. I had lunch today and I came away feeling fairly energized, for an introvert ;-) I think it's because you really do need to reach out sometimes and I had stopped doing that...

I want to start doing art. I stopped drawing and painting and creating so long ago, I'm almost fearful of starting up again. But I think, I know, I need it. Just for myself. Not for any purpose. I need to start sketching... And I signed up for a watercolor class. I don't know if I'll get in---they didn't cash my check yet so... If I get in, that will start next month.

Feb 2, we switch over from a 45 minute morning Gymboree (with parents) to an afternoon "independent" Gymboree class for an hour. Although I'm not allowed to leave the building, it will give me an hour to maybe read or write or even meditate, right? This will be kind of cool---enforced quiet time. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh yeh, I've also signed up for a 7 week "Marriage Fitness Tele-Seminar". I'm in what they call the 'lone ranger' track (as opposed to the 'duo' track)--gee, no surprise there!


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