Never The Same Day Twice

Thursday, July 20, 2006

.................Thursday, 7/20/06

Haven't written in a while. I am tired though. I was away this past weekend, visiting friends in PENNSYLVANIA and it was so much fun, so grand! Seeing old friends, laughing, goofing around, talking serious... all ends of the spectrum.

I will try to write more later.

T fell asleep about 1/2 an hour ago. He must be exhausted. I changed him into PJs while he was asleep. I hope he goes thru the night. I have to get some more work done, maybe do my bills. I rented two videos, maybe watch those. We'll see...

Just so long as I don't start one of the videos and just SIT THERE AND WATCH IT. I've been doing that too much lately. I know there's a trend now to NOT multitask, to focus on what you're doing, but you know? TV watching does NOT have to be passive. I have too many damn things to do to continue VEGGING LIKE THAT. Enough is enough, hello?