Never The Same Day Twice

Friday, November 17, 2006

I am such a bad blogger.

I have such good intentions, like I have for most everything in my life.

But if I blogged, I'd never have time to READ any blogs, and I do find I like that so much really. There are some really creative inspiring people out there who express themselves so beautifully and very often I find that I am pondering things they've written for days afterwards...

Not to mention some beautiful photos and artwork and poetry...

Oh, to have 40 hour DAYS... 24 hours is just not enough.

It is NOVEMBER. My little man has turned FOUR!!! Tomorrow is his 4th birthday party---meaning, the fourth one he's having... Oh that sounds like he's incredibly spoiled. So I will explain:

Sunday, we had our extended family party with both sides of the immediate family which made 18 people in all.

Tuesday, he had a little fete with his preschool class---this amounted to them singing him Happy Birthday and him wearing a paper crown all day and sitting in a specially decorated chair and being line-leader and flag-holder and all that fun stuff.

Wednesday, his actual birthday, we went to morning Mass (for which I had his intention in the book) so Father Bob announced to the whole congregation that it was his birthday and for everyone to keep him in prayer specially (he kept asking afterwards, is he going to say my name again?), then we went out for breakfast with Grandma, then to the zoo (fun!), then back home for a little rest time before we went out and met Papa at the Japanese hibachi restaurant for dinner.

And tomorrow will be his 'kid' party. Like last year, a low-key at home party. Just a few friends. Last year we had four friends and his cousin --- 6 in all. This year, it is 7 friends... 4 boys and 3 girls... I have pirate hats for the lot of them... (The little man was a pirate for Halloween so this is the theme..)

I am up this late having made the mini goody bags and put crap away and starting setting up. Tomorrow I must:

vacuum and dust
make the cake and ice it
put the cold-cut plate together
cut the rolls and put them in a basket
chill the soda for the mommies
set up the kids table
write the kids' names on the wooden 'treasure boxes' that we will be decorating as the art activity for the party

Alot but should be able to get done by 1, no? Well, I guess if I get some sleep maybe.

I have alot to tell about what has transpired since the last time I posted. A new cat, a divorce in the works, a death in the family... But those are all things to discuss some other time. I must hit the hay...